Holy Estates


From Humble Beginnings to Jerusalem’s Premier Luxury Real Estate & Vacation Rental Provider


Featuring an entrepreneurial spirit and a fervent zeal for real estate, Eli has established himself as a cornerstone of the Israeli property landscape. With a wealth of experience across the diverse terrains of real estate, finance, sales, and construction, Eli has demonstrated an exceptional track record for identifying niche opportunities and translating them into flourishing enterprises. This experience honed his ability to innovate within the traditional frameworks of property management, setting him apart as a trailblazer.
His acute business insight and forward-thinking leadership have not only nurtured Holy Estates’ growth but also fostered trustworthy bonds with apartment owners throughout Israel. Eli’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and his commitment to introducing groundbreaking ideas continue to propel Holy Estates as a leader in the Israeli luxury real estate arena.


Yair Bloch is the Chief Financial Officer at Holy Estates, where his sharp eye for detail and steadfast approach to financial management play a critical role. Beginning his career in the fast-paced biotech sector, Yair developed a knack for making comtplex financial concepts accessible, a skill that has become one of his trademarks. He brings this same client-focused mindset to Holy Estates, where he’s committed to maintaining transparency and building financial trust with our clients.
At the helm of the company’s finances, Yair’s strategies are about more than just numbers; they’re about fostering lasting relationships built on financial reliability. Yair’s efforts guarantee that Holy Estates stands as a trusted name for financial stewardship in property management.


Tenant Relations Manager

Ahron brings over six years of seasoned experience in property management to our team. His role as Tenant Relations Manager is more than a job; it’s his calling. He’s the bridge between our tenants and management, and he takes that responsibility seriously. With his excellent communication skills and a genuine sense of empathy, Ahron has a talent for turning potential conflicts into positive outcomes. He’s on the ground regularly, ensuring properties are well-maintained, swiftly addressing any tenant issues, and overseeing lease renewals with a focus on making residents feel at home.
Ahron is committed to creating an environment that goes beyond basic accommodation. He wants every tenant to know they’re not just another number, but a valued member of the Holy Estates community.

Naftali Garfinkel

Guest Relations and host

Naftali Garfinkel is a passionate and dedicated member of the Holy Estates team, serving as a Guest Relations expert and Host. Before joining Holy Estates, Naftali honed his skills in the food industry. This experience equipped him with exceptional customer service skills and a keen understanding of hospitality, which he now brings to his role at Holy Estates.

At Holy Estates, Naftali is committed to sharing his love and knowledge of the land and city with guests visiting the country. His warm and welcoming demeanor, combined with his extensive local knowledge, makes him an invaluable asset to both the team and the guests he serves. Whether it’s providing insights into local culture, suggesting must-visit spots, or ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay, Naftali’s passion for Israel and its heritage shines through in every interaction.

Yehoshua Ramirez

Maintenance Manager

Yehoshua Ramirez is a dedicated Maintenance Manager at Holy Estates, known for his exceptional leadership and technical expertise. Born and raised in Florida, USA, he embarked on a life-changing journey by making aliyah to Israel in 2018. Following his military service, Yehoshua joined Holy Estates, a company where his father had previously worked, continuing a family legacy in the field of maintenance. His rapid ascent to the position of Maintenance Manager is a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft.

At Holy Estates, Yehoshua excels in ensuring that all maintenance operations are conducted with utmost efficiency and precision. His approach to management is marked by a commitment to excellence, a keen attention to detail, and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of building and apartment maintenance.

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